The etymology of paragon dates back to ancient Greece, from the word parakonan, which meant "to sharpen." The prefix para was "alongside of," and akone was "whetstone."

Later, in "old" Italy, the word paragone meant "touchstone," a black stone that was used to judge the purity of gold and silver. The precious metals were rubbed on the stone, and the color of the streak indicated the metal's quality.

In Minnesota, Paragon Designs is living up to its name, serving as the "touchstone" of shipping container homes and other innovative designs. We are proudly presenting the first shipping container home in the state, located in North Minneapolis. The home features four 40 x 10 crates and one 20 x 10 crate. Learn more about the home by clicking here.

Shipping containers have played a key role in global trade in the second half of the 20th century, dramatically lowering the cost of moving goods long distances. But resourceful builders have realized another benefit: They make great homes, too!

Shipping containers are strong, eco-friendly and provide you a customizable and distinctive home

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The Paragon Design Process

We pride ourselves in our designing, planning and executing. To that end, our process is of the utmost importance. An introductory phone consultation with each client is free. Here are the steps thereafter: