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Bring Your Hardscaping & Landscaping Project to Life With Paragon Designs

You have a vision for how you want your outdoor living space to look and function. Perhaps you dream of an entertainer’s patio with a built-in kitchen and fireplace. Or maybe a welcoming front walkway and elegant retaining walls are what your property needs. Whatever your landscaping and hardscaping dreams entail, bringing them to life requires an experienced design-build firm. This is where Paragon Designs fits in. Keep reading to learn how partnering with us makes transforming your outdoor environment stress-free and rewarding.

We Listen to Your Goals and Budget

Sharing your vision with our team is the first step. Every landscaping or hardscaping project begins with an in-depth consultation. You’ll sit down with our experts to talk through how you intend to use the space. Photos of styles you admire are also incredibly helpful. This process allows us to grasp your functional needs and aesthetic taste before crafting the design. We’ll also discuss your budget at this early stage. This ensures the final plan provides superb value for your investment. Our goal is always to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Design Process Prioritizes Your Vision

With a clear understanding of your goals, the Paragon Designs team gets to work. Our landscape designers and hardscape specialists collaborate to transform your ideas into a comprehensive plan. Digital 3D modeling allows you to visualize the layout and materials prior to installation. We’ll tweak and adjust until the proposal aligns with your dreams. You’ll feel confident that our team has your specific needs and preferences in mind every step of the way.

We Provide Detailed Landscape Plans and Hardscape Drawings

Before breaking ground on installation, we provide you with comprehensive plans and drawings. These documents depict the exact layout and measurements for the hardscaping and landscape elements. You’ll have a crystal clear picture of the finishing grades, drainage planning, lighting design, material and plant selections, and more. We ensure full transparency so there are no surprises down the road.

We Handle the Entire Landscape Construction Process

Once we have a final design in place, our construction crews take over. Unlike many firms, Paragon Designs handles every aspect of bringing the project to fruition. From start to finish, you deal directly with our experts. We don’t believe in outsourcing or using subcontractors. This streamlined approach enables us to deliver exceptional quality on time and on budget.

Our Crew Transforms the Space Beautifully and Efficiently

With years of experience enhancing properties of all sizes, our construction team works diligently from start to completion. We begin by preparing the site and removing any existing hardscape or plants that the design replaces. Next comes installing retaining walls, patios, outdoor kitchens, fire features, water elements, and other hardscaping. Successfully grading and planning proper drainage prevents pooling and erosion issues down the road. We then get busy planting trees, shrubs, perennials, and any sod lawn areas. The final steps involve placing finishing touches like lighting, accessories, and mulch. Throughout the process, we are considerate of neighboring homes and properties. We also efficiently coordinate inspections so that each phase adheres to local building codes.

We Employ Sustainable Landscape Practices

At Paragon Designs, we aim to work in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem. That means using responsible grading techniques, planning for efficient irrigation, and selecting native plants. We also suggest permeable paver options that mitigate stormwater runoff. We also take care to protect existing trees and greenery during construction. Your landscape will not only look gorgeous but function sustainably for decades to come.

We Use Premium Materials Built to Withstand the Elements

All of the products we install come from trusted suppliers known for outstanding quality. This includes natural stones like granite, marble, and travertine along with pavers, bricks, concrete, lighting, irrigation components, and decking. We hand-select gorgeous plant specimens with vibrant blooms or striking structures. Our composite mixes and gravel look fantastic while resisting fading and deterioration. No matter the time of year or type of weather, you’ll take pride in how the space withstands heavy use and the elements.

Our Eye for Design Provides Stunning Curb Appeal

Of course, aesthetics matter too when upgrading your home’s landscape and hardscape features. The Paragon Designs team has an eye for selecting colors, textures, shapes, and styles that work in harmony. We skillfully incorporate elevations, contours, plant massing, negative spaces, symmetry, and other design principles. Getting the layout just right brings the space together visually. This allows us to create showstopping curb appeal and spaces with a wow factor.

Low-Maintenance Simplicity Keeps Things Functional

Although stunning spaces are our specialty, we never lose sight of efficiency and purpose. All elements we incorporate aim to make entertaining, play, outdoor living, and yard maintenance truly enjoyable rather than a hassle. For instance, smart irrigation choices mean you waste less time and money on watering. Strategic use of hardscape materials minimizes lingering puddles or slippery areas. We also select native, non-invasive plants tailored to the growing conditions. This cuts back on disease susceptibility and the need for excessive fertilization or pruning.

Our Custom Designs Work Within Your Budget

Of course, coming up with a landscape design and executing the installation costs money. But there’s no need to sacrifice your vision due to budget constraints. Paragon Designs’ tailored solutions fit a wide range of budgets. We work diligently to include all the features you desire at a price you can manage. There’s always room for compromise when it comes to sizing, materials, phasing, and other cost factors. Beautiful outdoor upgrades are within your reach.

Well-Designed Landscapes and Hardscapes Add Value and Functionality

Upgrading tired landscapes and adding appealing hardscaping serves several important purposes for homeowners. First, it can greatly boost your home’s curb appeal. Interesting plant layouts, stylish walls or fences, and eye-catching patios entice potential buyers. Outdoor spaces also expand your home’s livable footprint. An elegant patio or deck essentially adds an extra room for entertaining. Fireplaces, kitchens, and water features extend living space from the interior out. Additionally, smart landscaping and hardscaping improve the home’s energy efficiency. Strategically placed trees provide cooling shade. Hardscape materials prevent erosion and flooding risks. Ultimately, a cohesive outdoor environment in concert with the architecture makes coming home all the more enjoyable while adding resale desirability.

Are You Ready To Turn Your Lackluster Landscape Into an Enviable Oasis?

Contact Paragon Designs in Minnesota to kickstart your dream project. Give us a call at (320) 298-2421, or use our contact form to get in touch with us. Our team eagerly awaits to discuss your vision and deliver exceptional results. We handle outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes for residential and commercial clients across the Twin Cities metro. Bring your landscape and hardscape dreams to life by partnering with Paragon Designs today!

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