So what are the benefits of using shipping containers to build your next home?


Shipping containers must, by its initial purpose, be inherently strong. They must be tough and durable, capable of weathering extreme weather across land and at sea. And like the LEGOs they are often connected to, the containers are strong enough to be stacked for multi-story homes. The containers are made of corten steel, which is also known as "weathering steel" because it resists the corrosive effects of meteorological conditions by forming a coating of dark brown oxidation over the metal. In simple terms, the steel rusts and forms a protective coating that actually slows the rate of future corrosion!


Do you like cookie-cutter homes? Neither do we! Shipping containers are often likened to LEGOs. But have you seen some of the amazing designs made of LEGOs? In the pursuit of efficiency, builders often stick to certain designs and looks. Not Paragon. In fact, we hope to never build the same home twice!


Quicker Build

Homes made from shipping containers can be built and completed very quickly, which can be a huge advantage and reason to choose a container home. You could potentially have a finished shipping container home within six months! The time savings is realized because the exterior structure of the home is already built, while adjusting the roof and walls and ceilings as you desire. Traditional brick and mortar structures typically take six to ten months and are often beleaguered with delays.

Pest Proof

Because the main building material on a converted shipping container is the steel of the container, they are highly resistant to bugs and pests. Even if you add hardwood floors, the internal frame of your home is made from steel, thereby greatly reducing the risk of termite damage.

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