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Minneapolis house made from shipping containers now on the market

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) – Dave Schiller of Paragon Designs is the builder and architect of what’s considered to be a one-of-a kind home in Minneapolis.

The three bed, two bath house – constructed with old metal shipping containers – sits atop a hill on the 2400 block of Irving Avenue in North Minneapolis.

“There’s significantly less lumber than a regular home, probably 40 to 50 percent less,” Schiller explained. “I think that it is a glimpse into part of the future.”

Schiller is working with the Minneapolis Homes Program, which helps contractors build affordable homes. And in a community where new builds are rare, this house stands out.

Schiller used five giant shipping containers to build the home, which he says took about six months to construct.

Realtor Amber Steiner is now trying to find the right match for the unique space.

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